Birthday Goodness

Hello Lovelies!
Now that birthday weekend is over, and mum has returned to the frigid east coast, I thought I’d share some images that were captured these past few days.
The last time mum was in Los Angeles was about 15 years ago when her and dad had brought me to Disneyland and Universal Studios. She hasn’t really ever seen the area, so I took her to Griffith Park and the Observatory for the most spectacular view of our widespread city. We lucked out and received beautiful sunshine and blue skies.
Penny was also over-the-moon excited to see her Nana! I had brought the pups to LAX when I picked her up, and the second Penny saw her, she lept out of my arms like a catapult towards mum.
For my birthday, mum spoiled me with cupcakes from Vanilla Bake Shop, a satchel and wallet I’ve been dreaming about for weeks from Madewell. I was also given a collection of wonderful things from Aubrey as well. I’m so excited for my iPad mini, little bow earrings (Madewell), a pencil case, pencil, and paper clips made by Delfonics, macaron tea towels, and the best bar of chocolate ever to exist.
Ever since I was little, mum would always play hooky from work on my birthday and we would go to the beach where there were arcades. A tradition we had was to find a photo booth to capture the memories. We were delighted to find one on the Santa Monica Pier, so we were sure to record our happy faces.
We ate a lot of food, too! Fish n Chips with Strongbow, Lobster on my birthday, Chinese, Mexican, lots of fruit, cupcakes galore, and there was also an insane amount of coffee consumed.
It was an incredible weekend, and I’m so happy that mum flew out to spend it with me. I also give props to Aubrey for staying sane while mum and myself acted like two crazy goofs the whole time of her visit.

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