Wearable – Farmers Market

Living in sunny Los Angeles, I have the wonderful advantage of Farmers Markets* being open year-round. I’m certainly not going to complain about the plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables available to me. When carousing and weaving your way around the various stands, you want to be comfortable. I like to dress comfy up, so I’d add a pink belt, cute necklace, and pretty shades to my outfit. Also, these moccasins are adorable and oh-so-comfy and would be perfect for a lot of walking around. The straw bag is big enough to hold all your goodies, plus produce bags so you don’t have to use plastic, and don’t neglect a sweater for the early morning cool air (any temperature below 70 degrees is cold to us).

*I frequently find myself at the Santa Monica Farmers Market (on Arizona between 4th & Ocean, open Wednesday and Saturday mornings) and The Original Farmers Market (next to The Grove on 3rd & Fairfax, open every day).


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