Think Pink!

I love pink. I’ve loved pink since I was very little, and if you ask my parents, they’ll tell you about the very pink bedroom I had when I was younger (the paint colors were called ‘Rose’ and ‘Lipstick’). For a while, I grew out of that phase. Currently, I have a passion for navy and white, and I adore throwing in pops of pink. Now, I have quite a bit of accessories of the rather girly shade.

I love pink shoes, pink peonies, tulips, and roses, pink nail polish, pink macaroons and cupcakes, pink fabrics, pink glass, pink accessories, pink lipsticks and pink washi tapes. My notebook, planner, iPad mini case, iPhone case, pencil case are all pink, and they find a happy home in my favorite pink bag. Even my blog has pink!

Have you ever seen the film Funny Face? You know that song ‘Think Pink’? That’s my favorite, too.

[all images above via BHLDN]


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