Weekly Adorations – 3.29.13

It’s Easter weekend, and although I’m not religious, it was a holiday that was always celebrated with family. Mum, dad and I would always color lots of eggs, usually we always used the Paas brand. Nana would take me shopping for a new dress (usually always pink, with lots of lace). We would always join together for a big lamb roast dinner.

Of course, we always had egg and basket hunts. I’ve always loved receiving Easter baskets. Both my parents and grandparents would have one for me, along with scattered candy and colored eggs. Even though I’m grown up, mum still sends me a box of goodies every year.
If I were making a basket for a friend, I would definitely add some macaroons, shortbread cookies, a Diptyque Violette Candle, and of course, Cadbury Mini Eggs.
What are your plans for the weekend? I’ll be coloring eggs with Aubrey and taking the puppies on a nice hike. I always like to go find the prettiest tulips and lilies, too. They were my Nanas favorite, and even though she isn’t with us anymore, I like to fill my home with her memory on this special holiday.
Have a lovely weekend!

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