A Day for Mum

Today is Mother’s Day, and I wish nothing more than to be able to hug my favorite lady. Although sending her a care package and calling her will have to suffice, my heart always holds her close, regardless if there is 3,000 miles between us.
Mum is really the best mom. I know, I’m bias, but it’s true. She has spoiled me incessantly my whole life, and I’ve always been her first priority. Growing up with her was really one of the best experiences I could ever have. She was always there for me. She hugged me when I was crying, she scolded me when I needed to be taught a lesson, she filled my stomach with the most delicious foods, and she always helped me with my math homework.
She also bestowed upon me her OCDs, temper, and impatience, and I especially love her for that.


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