Wearable – Summer Wardrobe

To me, a summer wardrobe should be all about simplicity. I’d rather have a handful of clothing and accessories that are of better quality. Pieces I can mix and match, the basics. Your basics do not have to be solely neutrals, if you prefer color, make sure you pick shades that compliment each other, and then add in the neutrals as your accessories.
For me, less is always more. Do your research, be willing to spend a little bit more money on something of quality, and don’t impulse buy. Purchase things that you know will go with something already in your closet. Make sure the shoes you really want will actually go with clothing you own. I do like color and pattern in my clothing, so I tend to pick neutral bags and shoes.
One tote bag for those days I just need to carry a lot of items, and it could also be doubled as a travelling bag or beach tote. A nice over the shoulder bag is always perfect for days out and date nights. Since I like color, I’ll always choose to have at least one dress with a pattern and/or color, likewise for skirts.
My favorite place to shop is Madewell. Madewell always has items that make me feel me. From their tops to bottoms, dresses and skirts, shoes and bags, I can always find something that represents who I am, and I can be happy knowing those items will last.

{Authors note: My opinions are solely my own, and I’m not paid to express any of the above thoughts}


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