East to West

This time last year, Aubrey, Penny, Harvey and myself were venturing across the country with all my belongings to come live in sunny California. It was quite the road trip and filled with puppy snuggles, picnics, adventures, and of course, a very abundant amount of driving.
To make the trip not feel tiring, and more like a vacation, we never drove more than 8 hours a day, and we rotated driving every two hours. We also took a leisurely hour long lunch every day. When we reached Denver, we took a day off of driving completely and had a nice day of hiking and relaxing.
I don’t think I would have done anything differently, perhaps keep the back seat a little more organized. After a few days of travelling, everything tended to look messier and it seemed we’d have to dig for some items. Plus, when you’re living out of one suitcase for a week + have puppy items, everything tends to get jumbled. We managed though, and all of us arrived in Los Angeles in one piece, and Aubrey and I hadn’t murdered each other! That’s the true sign of a successful road trip!

Images: 1. snuggly puppies | 2. Elly the Elephant | 3. Shadow love at Lake Michigan
4. Chicago | 5. Cherry Creek (outside of Denver) | 6. Monster Aubrey | 7. Picnics
8. Penny & Aubby love | 9. Harvey’s odd sleeping arrangements
10. Three thousand two hundred and forty five miles!!!

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