Wearable – Summer Edition, Take a Hike

Along with picnics, another of my favorite summertime activities is hiking. Growing up in Massachusetts, there were always an abundant amount of woodsy areas to go explore. Nearly every weekend, my parents would take me on a little adventure either somewhere close to home, Maine, or any state we were vacationing in. We definitely loved mountains and the woods. Now that I’m in Los Angeles, the terrain is vastly different. The landscape is wide and open here, and I try to get out exploring new areas as much as possible.
I like to stick to the essentials when hiking. The less you carry, the easier it will be to go long distances. I always have water, some trail snacks, and perhaps a sandwich if it’s going to be a longer hike. Make sure the backpack you bring is comfy and doesn’t pull at your shoulders or is too heavy for your back. I love Herschel backpacks – they’re colorful, comfortable, and strong. Wear a comfy t-shirt and shorts, sometimes I bring a light weight long sleeve in case the weather is cooler. I prefer minimal shoes, and these Merrell Barefoot ones are my favorite.
What do you wear when you go hiking?!
{Items: Madewell shirt & shorts, Lululemon headband & water bottle, Herschel backpack, Warby Parker sunglasses, Merrell Barefoot footwear}

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