Happy Anniversary, Los Angeles!!

Today marks a year since I’ve been living in Los Angeles! It went by so quickly. I thought I would share some images I’ve taken throughout the past year with you. A little yearbook, per se.
I loved my apartment when I first moved in. Exposed brick walls, most exquisite views of Downtown LA and the Hollywood sign… but crumbly walls, bad management, and busy streets of Koreatown made it less than ideal. It was a cute little first place, though, but brick buildings are meant for the East coast, not the west.
Living in Los Angeles also means outdoor screenings at places such as Cinespia (where they show movies at the cemetery in Hollywood) and the Academy’s Oscars Outdoors summer series.
The landscape and terrain is so incredibly different here than that of New England/New York. While the hustle and bustle of NYC caused me to feel claustrophobic frequently, Los Angeles is quite spread out, and laid back.
One of my favorite moments was when my mum visited for my birthday. It had been nearly 9 months since I had seen her, and I had so much fun showing her around LA.
As you can see, we’re happy to not be in a long distance relationship anymore!
There’s even foliage here! Even though it happens more around Christmastime. Culver City is also one of my favorite places (where we currently live), vastly different than Koreatown, and so neighborly, you forget you live in a large city.
I’m so thankful for the new people I’ve met too. I already had a rather nice selection of friends from when I lived here previously, and now I’m meeting more amazing people that I definitely want to keep in my life forever. It also helps with homesickness I may occasionally have.
I love my new neighborhood in Culver City. We’re nestled between Kenneth Hahn Park, and the Culver City Stairs in a little tucked in residential area. Perfect for the puppies, and for staying active. It’s also an easy and fast commute to our workplaces in Santa Monica, whether we drive or bike.
Elly the elephant also loves California!
I can never get enough of palm trees, the beach, or the sunshine. I love you, California! I look forward to many more years of adventure!

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