Patriotism in Film

Do you have a favorite patriotic film? There’s so many to choose from! We have selections of fun, happy musicals, realistic wartime dramas, and a bit of faithful superheroes saving the country. Some are more historically accurate, others are loosely based on real events, and there’s those that just want to put America in a shining light of hope.
My favorites include (in no particular order):
Captain America (2011)
Captain America is our country’s faithful servent. His goal is to protect America and its citizens. His one hope was to defend our country during wartime. He was given a golden opportunity, and became Captain America. He’s also pretty dashing. And has the coolest shield, ever.

Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)
This film is about George M. Cohen, expertly portrayed by James Cagney. There’s lots of singing, dancing, and spectacle. It’s a rag to riches story, and was released post Pearl Harbor, so patriotically, it was the perfect lighthearted musical for Americans.

You Can’t Take it with You (1938)
My favorite screwball comedy, starring James Stewart and Jean Arthur. James Stewart comes from a rich, snobby family, and he’s engaged to Jean Arthur (who’s family is on the eccentric and not-so-rich middle-class side). It perfectly portrays the two very opposite classes families uniting together, which is perfectly suitable for its release during the Great Depression.

Independence Day (1996)
I obviously had to add this one. No list would be complete without our country defending itself from aliens. Especially one that takes place on the Fourth of July. And has Will Smith in it.

Air Force One (1997)
A fight on terrorism, and Harrison Ford is the president. He kicks some terrorists butts. All on a plane. Go Mr. President!

Honorable mentions: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Saving Private Ryan, The Best Years of our Lives, Apollo 13, and Lincoln.


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