Wearable – Summer Edition, Shopping Trip!

It’s no secret that I love shopping. I especially love shopping during the summer and being outside. The great thing with stores/shopping areas in Southern California: everything is outside! Between The Grove and Third Street Promenade, I can enjoy the beautiful sunshine, shop at my favorite places, see a movie, find a yummy place to eat (also outside) and even gaze at the beach.
Like most of my outfits, I want something simple to wear for when I’m out and about. Especially shopping trips. If you’re already going to be holding a bunch of bags, the last thing you want is to have your wardrobe interfering. A nice over the shoulder bag is perfect – one less thing you have to carry. I like comfy sandals for that extra walking, and a pretty (but colorful) dress that’s also going to be comfortable. I like to wear a wide-brimmed hat because I’m prone to burning and I like to protect my face and shoulders. If I don’t want it on, I can just roll it up and put it in a shopping bag. Most times I’ll bring a sweater or blazer and leave it in the car, so if it gets chilly, I can go grab it.

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