Weekly Adorations – 7.19.13

Finding the Right Shelves
Trying to find shelves that are just right for our needs and that fit our apartment layout and our design wishes has proven to be a very difficult task. We know we want white, and we knew we didn’t want basic bookcases. Since our theme is modern/nautical, we thought leaning shelves would best suit the look we craved, as well as being practical for our belongings.
We roamed Room & Board multiple times, and it was when I saw this setup, that I knew these were the shelves for our apartment. Our living area is wider, so we’d be able to fit the shelves behind the couch perfectly, without it interfering with walkthrough space, and we’ll have a better viewing of the television. It will also be nice to not have wasted wall space there, since there isn’t really anywhere else in the room we could put shelves.
I love the stainless steel with white we saw at the store, but I think for us, we’ll go with the all white. I just want them to disappear into the wall. It’ll make the room feel larger that way, and I don’t really like the look of bookcases (unless they’re built-ins, or look like built-ins). We also like these ones that The Container Store has.

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