Sometimes You Just Need a Lobster Roll

If it’s one New England thing I miss the most (besides family), it’s lobster. I grew up eating delicious Maine lobster, in fact, mum gave me my first taste when I was a mere 6 months old. From then on, I was an addict. Every Friday night during my growing up days, dad would bring home 3 little lobsters for us. So what do I miss the most? Lobster. Lobster anywhere else just isn’t the same.
Luckily though, there are a few places I’ve been able to find a Maine lobster. One of the less expensive finds? Lobster Trucks. Luckily there are two scouring the streets of Los Angeles. The Lobsta Truck, and Cousins Maine Lobster. I’ve yet to try the latter, but The Lobsta Truck has been a Knight in Shining Armor for me.
Mmmmmmm. Seriously. Nothing compares.
Both photos by me. Personal recommendation: Find Abita Strawberry lager to accompany your roll. Perfect summertime combination!

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