Wearable – Summer Edition, On a Boat

I love the water. Growing up, my parents always took me canoeing on various lakes. While they would fish, I would sit in the middle and read a new book. For me, water is soothing and calming. Aubz and I like to say that instead of having kids, we’re going to save up for a small boat, so we can sail onto the ocean whenever we have the chance.
This weeks style post is what I’d wear on a boat (or canoe). Comfy jean shorts, a loose fitting striped shirt, and a sweater for when the air gets chilly. You’ll want to wear comfy shoes too, I love keds, or any sort of canvas shoe, and a sturdy canvas bag to hold your belongings or lunch! Canvas dries quickly and cleans easily, and when you’re on a boat, chances are things might get wet. You won’t want to forget your sunglasses, either! If you’d like to wear jewelry, find something subtle and not obtrusive, like a little whale pendant! Have fun, sailor!

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