Wardrobe Transition – Summer to Fall

The transition from summer to fall isn’t as drastic here in Southern Los Angeles as it is in New England. Still, my wardrobe changes (even if slightly) into more muted tones, with the addition of a few more layers and thicker materials.
I always love deep blue and grey palettes. They create a perfect neutral base that easily allows for the addition of some color. I incorporate some sweaters and long sleeves to combat a California evening chill.
One of the things I love most about living on the west coast is the ability to be able to wear some garments year-round. This allows the possibility to invest in quality clothing, and I always prefer a simple wardrobe. So basics, such as a pair of shoes, cotton shirts, simple dresses, a chambray button down, can be worn year round and adjust very easily to the changing seasons.
Along with having a simple wardrobe, I love to mix and match. I’d rather have a few essential pieces that I can create many outfits out of instead of having too many clothes to keep track of.
You can visit my Polyvore to see the item details. Most pieces are from J.Crew and Madewell.

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