Bullet Journaling by Ryder Carroll

For the longest time, I could never successfully keep my planner and note takings organized. I would always have a planner, and a small notebook. I would write some notes in the planner, some in the notebook. It became very confusing and disorganized.
Recently, I came across this article on Bullet Journaling by Tomasz Tunguz. Bullet Journal was developed by Ryder Carroll, an Art Director from Brooklyn. As Carroll explains, Bullet Journal is for those list-makers, note-takers, track-keepers, and doodlers. It will “help you organize the present, record the past, and plan for the future”.
The idea is simple. You use various bullets to keep track of things. You create an index at the beginning of every journal, so you know where to look for a particular date or note. You have a calendar, and tasks for daily/monthly accomplishments. My favorite part about it, is that it forces you to think in the present, and not fast forward to months in advance, freaking yourself out that you’ll forget to do something. I always had a bad habit of thinking too far ahead, and everything current I was working on, got pushed to the side.
Bullet Journaling allows you to capture all types of data in your everyday life, whether that be a daily plan, budget log, or a random drawing. You have one notebook, rather than several. You can identify what’s working for you and what isn’t. It will help you focus on your tasks, and keep you productive.


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