about a silly muse

selfMy name is Kelly. I’m usually known for being odd and silly, and I tend to muse about things quite frequently.

My passions are as follows (alphabetically):

Alfred Hitchcock, alphabetization (clearly), Audrey Hepburn, British things, Cary Grant, cinema, crafting, creativity, color, ducks, lists, love, nature, organization, photography, reading, soap, tea, travel, trees, writing


I graduated from a small school in New Hampshire with a BA degree in Film Studies. Unlike most of my fellow film major friends, I emphasized in critical research, while they went on for production. I love film and its history. My wish is to become a film archivist/preservationist (it would be awesome to work with Martin Scorsese!). I’m living in New York now and I’ll be starting at The New School in January to earn my MA in Media Studies. After that, when I’m hopefully doing something more related to what I want for work, I’d like to get another MA degree from NYU or UCLA for film preservation (it’s far too expensive to do that now).

Until I reach my goals, I happily go about life discovering things that make me smile, making the apartment I share with my boyfriend look like a home, working as an assistant to pay the bills and crafting things for people. My specialty of recent has been greeting cards and crocheting, perhaps I’ll start selling stuff on Etsy! We all know how poor students are…


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