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Dahlias & Wildflowers

I was so happy to come across these beautiful dahlias at Trader Joe’s the other day. To spread out their goodness in the apartment, I found a bunch of wildflowers to compliment them and created my own arrangements.



My favorite flower is the peony. I love many varieties, including tulips, but peonies take the top spot. They are so exquisitely beautiful, and each one has its own individuality. The color range they bloom in, from the whitest of whites, to the brightest pinks, are always extravagant. In the late spring/early summer when they are most plentiful, it is always worth the money to buy a bunch at a local farmers market or grocery store. I always prefer to choose the ones still in their bud form, so I can see them transform into their explosion of colorful petals.

[images by me]


Tulips are one of my very favorite flowers. They are so exquisitely simple, yet obtain so much beauty. The gentle, bright green stems hold perfectly shaped petals in the most wonderful array of colors.
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Weekly Adorations: 2.8.13

Inspiration & Comfort
These items above are all very Kelly. I adore the neutral and pink base of these two toned flats, and this over the shoulder satchel. I do love a good hug, simple jewelry, and these cereal bowls are exquisite (I want my entire living space to be decorated in blue and white). Of course, a ‘Keep Going, No Matter What‘ is a wonderful motto to hang on to. These pieces are inspirational to my style, as well as offering me a solace of comfort.