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Weekly Adorations – 7.19.13

Finding the Right Shelves
Trying to find shelves that are just right for our needs and that fit our apartment layout and our design wishes has proven to be a very difficult task. We know we want white, and we knew we didn’t want basic bookcases. Since our theme is modern/nautical, we thought leaning shelves would best suit the look we craved, as well as being practical for our belongings.
We roamed Room & Board multiple times, and it was when I saw this setup, that I knew these were the shelves for our apartment. Our living area is wider, so we’d be able to fit the shelves behind the couch perfectly, without it interfering with walkthrough space, and we’ll have a better viewing of the television. It will also be nice to not have wasted wall space there, since there isn’t really anywhere else in the room we could put shelves.
I love the stainless steel with white we saw at the store, but I think for us, we’ll go with the all white. I just want them to disappear into the wall. It’ll make the room feel larger that way, and I don’t really like the look of bookcases (unless they’re built-ins, or look like built-ins). We also like these ones that The Container Store has.

Charles Eames

A week ago today, would have been Charles Eames’s 106th Birthday! Charles and his wife, Ray, were extreme contributors to the design of modern architecture and furniture. What are your favorite Eames creations? Here’s a nice article on the Six Best Creations of Charles Eames. Mine is the Lounge Chair and Ottoman, as well as the colorful, well-known plastic chair.

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Weekly Adorations – 5.10.13

Postmodern + Nautical
We all know I’m obsessed with a nautical theme, but I also love postmodern furniture and decor. While I have a soft spot for anchors, I also drool over a beautiful piece of Eames furniture. I don’t want to go all nautical, or all postmodern in our apartment decorating, so I’m looking for ways where I can combine the two without it looking disorganized or misfitting.
The color palette is the most important. I’ll be sticking with light tones, navy, and whites. That way, while the furniture will be more postmodern, the palette will suit my nautical love.

Mirror Mirror

One of the best ways to decorate a small space is with mirrors. Of course, it’s also important to choose mirrors that fit in with your other furniture, textiles, and decor. You certainly do not one that will look out of place. I love full length floor mirrors, but they won’t fit in every space. You also don’t want too much furniture surrounding them, because it’s just going to make your space look cluttered, rather than feeling larger. Below are some of my favorite examples of mirrors used as decor.
[Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5]

Weekly Adorations – 4.5.13

Simple Organizing Tricks
When you live in a small space, it’s imperative to find simple organizing solutions to maximize your space. I’m over the moon excited to be going from a studio to a one bedroom apartment, but it’s still important to me that I keep it clutter free. It’s a double win when you find inexpensive methods by using objects you might already have.
One of my favorite DIY projects is up-cycling soup and vegetable cans into containers suitable for the little miscellaneous items you have lying around (that never seem to find a home). I prefer using larger flour pots, or planters for large kitchen utensils. They look nicer and keep your countertop from looking cluttered. Use a spaghetti jar for your baking cups, and a large glass jar or tall vase for paper. I also like the idea of having a basket that’s easily accessible for any craft project you’re currently working on.

Books on Home Decor

Now that Aubrey and I are moving into a bigger apartment, my brain is overwhelmed with decorating ideas. I use and abuse Pinterest quite a bit to find and bookmark most ideas, but still, I find myself enjoying the thumbing through a physical book for inspiration. I’ve been researching through other blogs and bookstores for magazines and books that will aid in decorating the new apartment. It’s also important to me that I find resources I’ll always be able to go back to. Books I can keep on the coffee table for future reference.

I already have Domino: The Book of Decorating, which has turned into a very beneficial resource. I’ve also been eyeing the magazine Domino currently has on newsstands specifically for small spaces. Other books I thought I’d check out were Design*Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney, and Decorate by Holly Becker.

If you have any suggestions or favorite decorating books you own or have read, please let me know!

Weekly Adorations – 3.8.13

An Organized Desk
As I currently reside in a studio apartment, I don’t really have a designated office area or desk. Most of my items are scattered about in bins, not the least bit organized. Luckily, Aubz and myself both have MacBooks, so we can place them in the cabinet the TV sits atop of when not in use, but I haven’t really been able to get too crafty lately so I look forward to a larger apartment with space just for our office and desk items. The images below capture ideas I have to create an organized space that also won’t take up too much room in a living area.

If we do decide on purchasing a desk, I would love to have something that can be flush with a wall, non-obtrusive. This wood and metal one from Pottery Barn would be perfect!