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Weekly Adorations – 10.11.13

Happy Friday, friends!
It’s been a bit chilly here in Southern California these past few days, it even rained! Now it’s back to a comfortable high 60s / low 70s. What are your plans for the weekend? Mine will consist of doing an overhaul organizing of the bedroom (it never really was organized to begin with when we originally moved in). So I’m happy to finally have time to get that out of the way. A good fall cleaning prepares me more for the upcoming holidays too, which are fast approaching!
Dachshund Notes, Anthropologie // Puppy Bowls, Anthropologie
Peplum Top, Ruche // Blue & White Cups, Amara
Black & White Ring, Ruche // Whale Pillow, Etsy // Meadow Posts, Anthropologie
Side Tables, Burke Decor // Owl Pen Cup, Anthropologie // File Folders, Anthropologie

Weekly Adorations – 8.9.13

Weekend Breakfast
My favorite meal is most definitely breakfast. I like breakfast in the mornings, for lunch, and for dinner. I could also probably eat some form of eggs any time of the day, every day. Besides lobster, breakfast would be my second choice for food. Usually every weekend, I like to make Aubrey and I a tasty meal. Sometimes I cook eggs, sometimes it’s pancakes or French toast, and there’s always a cup of fresh fruit (and bacon). Do you love breakfast? What’s your favorite dish?
Breakfast sandwiches with homemade roasted potatoes | Egg scram with goat cheese

Cinnamon French toast | Scrambled eggs with sage
Chocolate chip & banana pancakes | Pancakes with homemade blackberry sauce

Weekly Adorations – 7.26.13

Washi Tape
It’s no secret that I have a slight addiction to washi tape. I have a fair share myself, and I’m always dreaming for more. Washi tape, to me, is one of those items that will get you very far, whether you use the tape for crafting, wrapping, card making, or decorating. There will always be a use for it. There are thin tapes, and very wide tapes, and the happy in-between size tapes. Striped, floral, plain, printed, and checkered, whatever design you need, you’ll find. My favorite ways to use them are on cards, and for wrapping presents!

Weekly Adorations – 7.19.13

Finding the Right Shelves
Trying to find shelves that are just right for our needs and that fit our apartment layout and our design wishes has proven to be a very difficult task. We know we want white, and we knew we didn’t want basic bookcases. Since our theme is modern/nautical, we thought leaning shelves would best suit the look we craved, as well as being practical for our belongings.
We roamed Room & Board multiple times, and it was when I saw this setup, that I knew these were the shelves for our apartment. Our living area is wider, so we’d be able to fit the shelves behind the couch perfectly, without it interfering with walkthrough space, and we’ll have a better viewing of the television. It will also be nice to not have wasted wall space there, since there isn’t really anywhere else in the room we could put shelves.
I love the stainless steel with white we saw at the store, but I think for us, we’ll go with the all white. I just want them to disappear into the wall. It’ll make the room feel larger that way, and I don’t really like the look of bookcases (unless they’re built-ins, or look like built-ins). We also like these ones that The Container Store has.

Weekly Adorations – 6.28.13

Since yesterday was my living in LA anniversary, I thought I would share some of my favorite prints of the lovely state!
California by Mick Bailey
Los Angeles City Poster by Conception Studios
Los Angeles Illustration by little low studio
This one made me giggle… Genuine Los Angeles Smog!

Weekly Adorations – 6.14.13

Father’s Day
This Sunday is Father’s Day, and I could possibly be bias, but I think I have the best dad in the world (yes, the world). His name is Jim (well, Daddy to me), and he’s kind of silly, extremely odd, and one of the kindest people I know. From as young as I can remember, he taught me the importance of being nice to my mum, learning how to read maps, and being an expert with travelling. He also taught me to stay young, have fun, and live life to its fullest.
He always organized the best vacations for the three of us every summer, he makes the yummiest baked stuffed lobster, he always drove me to school (and let me steal his peanut butter crackers from his truck), he helped me with my spelling homework, and he gives really fantastic hugs. He’s also an extraordinary builder and built me a fort when I was little. Oh, and he lets mum and I have dessert for dinner. One last thing, he loves my mum unconditionally, and I couldn’t ask for a better role model.
Even though he’s currently 3,000+ miles away, he’s close in my heart and I couldn’t possibly love him any more than I already do. Thank you dad, for always being there for mum and I, and being a Super Hero of a dad.

Images: Dad in Maine with Squirrel | Dad in his early 20s (before I existed)
Dad with mum and Penny | My fort dad built
Dad dancing with mum (image via Solare Photography)

Weekly Adorations – 5.31.13

Summer Entertaining
One of my favorite things about Pinterest is finding all sorts of wonderful ideas for entertaining. Especially during the summer. If I’m going to entertain, I want it to be a spectacular experience for my guests. Presentation is key, and the way you display your food and beverages expresses your style and who you are. It also defines your creative side. Below, I found some beautiful examples of a few ways to serve some foods and drinks.

Strawberries are one of my very favorite fruits, so serving a strawberry bruschetta would be ideal for any party I were to host. I also love the idea of mini salads, cups of fruit, and of course, a s’mores pie! For drinks, lemonade is always necessary, as well as pretty bottles for your guests to drink out of. Always serve water, but put some fruits/herbs in ice cubes to add a little flavor, and keep it chilled (they will also make the water look pretty).
{credits: foods | drinks}