Wardrobe Transition – Summer to Fall

The transition from summer to fall isn’t as drastic here in Southern Los Angeles as it is in New England. Still, my wardrobe changes (even if slightly) into more muted tones, with the addition of a few more layers and thicker materials.
I always love deep blue and grey palettes. They create a perfect neutral base that easily allows for the addition of some color. I incorporate some sweaters and long sleeves to combat a California evening chill.
One of the things I love most about living on the west coast is the ability to be able to wear some garments year-round. This allows the possibility to invest in quality clothing, and I always prefer a simple wardrobe. So basics, such as a pair of shoes, cotton shirts, simple dresses, a chambray button down, can be worn year round and adjust very easily to the changing seasons.
Along with having a simple wardrobe, I love to mix and match. I’d rather have a few essential pieces that I can create many outfits out of instead of having too many clothes to keep track of.
You can visit my Polyvore to see the item details. Most pieces are from J.Crew and Madewell.

Wearable – Summer Edition, On a Boat

I love the water. Growing up, my parents always took me canoeing on various lakes. While they would fish, I would sit in the middle and read a new book. For me, water is soothing and calming. Aubz and I like to say that instead of having kids, we’re going to save up for a small boat, so we can sail onto the ocean whenever we have the chance.
This weeks style post is what I’d wear on a boat (or canoe). Comfy jean shorts, a loose fitting striped shirt, and a sweater for when the air gets chilly. You’ll want to wear comfy shoes too, I love keds, or any sort of canvas shoe, and a sturdy canvas bag to hold your belongings or lunch! Canvas dries quickly and cleans easily, and when you’re on a boat, chances are things might get wet. You won’t want to forget your sunglasses, either! If you’d like to wear jewelry, find something subtle and not obtrusive, like a little whale pendant! Have fun, sailor!

Sir Alfred J. Hitchcock

Happy Birthday, Hitch!! Today is the Master of Suspense’s 114th birthday!! Hitchcock is my favorite director and he’s the reason I fell in love with cinema. What are your favorite films of his? Mine is North by Northwest followed by Rebecca. Notorious, Rear Window, & I Confess are also some of my top choices.

The Daily Prompt – Days 1 through 10

Hi friends! I had mentioned The Daily Prompt last week, and I just wanted to share my images with you, as we’re already a third of the way through the month. So here are days one through ten!
Day 1 – Patterned | Day 2 – Solitude
Day 3 – I’m Grateful For | Day 4 – Vibrant
Day 5 – The Happiest Colors | Day 6 – Wild
Day 7 – Passionate About | Day 8 – Joy
Day 9 – This is Home | Day 10 – Adventure

Weekly Adorations – 8.9.13

Weekend Breakfast
My favorite meal is most definitely breakfast. I like breakfast in the mornings, for lunch, and for dinner. I could also probably eat some form of eggs any time of the day, every day. Besides lobster, breakfast would be my second choice for food. Usually every weekend, I like to make Aubrey and I a tasty meal. Sometimes I cook eggs, sometimes it’s pancakes or French toast, and there’s always a cup of fresh fruit (and bacon). Do you love breakfast? What’s your favorite dish?
Breakfast sandwiches with homemade roasted potatoes | Egg scram with goat cheese

Cinnamon French toast | Scrambled eggs with sage
Chocolate chip & banana pancakes | Pancakes with homemade blackberry sauce

Wearable – Summer Edition, Date Night

I love date nights during the warmer months. The air is perfect and I love finding places where you can eat outside. Luckily, outside dining is possible at most places in Los Angeles.
I think a pretty pair of navy lace shorts would be the perfect wardrobe base, accompanied by a silky, neutral top. I want to be comfortable, but still look put together and a smidge flirty (hello, it’s date night!), so I prefer wearing subdued tones, and pairing that with a colorful accessory. I love this pink clutch – perfect for the summer. I can’t resist the polka dot navy flats or a simple necklace. I always bring a sweater or blazer in case the air chills.

The Daily Prompt – Via Creature Comforts

I’ve been always interested in doing monthly photo challenges, but I could never find one I really liked. Until Ez from Creature Comforts shared The Daily Prompt with us. It’s not really a challenge, as a prompt, it’s finding the things that inspire you the most through images and/or words. You should join in, too! So far, it’s lots of fun, and you get to share your favorite things with others in lovely and creative ways! Use hashtag #thedailyprompt whenever you upload an image to Instagram or Pinterest!
Of course, don’t forget to have fun! You can find my photos on my Instagram, and I’ll share some on here as well.
[image via Creature Comforts]