Hello, Again!

I’ve recently refurbished A Silly Muse and decided to start this little blog over. From scratch. I decided this recently, upon the New Year. Trying to reorganize and begin anew, I thought it best if I just rebooted the blog after some overhauling and rethinking. It’s hard to completely revamp something that is already existent, so I thought it best if I just gave you all something consistent to look at and read. I will of course, pull up previously written posts that I think have a place here and if you ever find yourself wanting to revisit the old content, you can find it here.

I hope you enjoy the new blog, and I’m eager to share the things that make me happy (and hopefully you, too)! From fashion, lifestyle, puppies, crafts, foods, film, and anything else that I find pleasing, I will be sure to share with you. Thank you for sticking around, as always, I’m forever indebted to your faithful readership. Of course, many welcomes and hugs to new readers as well.
(image via The Fresh Exchange)

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